Friday, September 12, 2014

Monet Waterlillies

Today in Kindergarten, we created our own version of Claude Monet's beautiful water-lilies:
First, we began by using oil pastels to create curvy lines on blue paper. We used colors like white, blue and green so it would look like soft waves on water.

Next, we traced the lily-pad shape onto bright green paper and used our cutting skills to cut the lily-pad. When we finished that step, we used our hands to crinkle tissue paper (giving it a rippled effect), then we glued crinkled tissue paper onto our paper, and glued our lily-pads on top of that.

The last step was to take a BIG piece of tissue paper and crinkle it into a circle. We then used lots of glue to glue that tissue paper circle onto our lily-pads, creating a beautiful flower in the middle.

I think they turned out pretty beautiful, don't you? A lot of the kids were asking to take it home to their moms because they are so pretty, just like their mommies. Once they're dry, I'll be sending them home.

Kinder A

Kinder B

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